you’re in MY dream now

Today’s post features a bunch of stuff…big thanks to my friend Storm for the scene, the cheese and the chat.  My quienes-mas-macho looks come courtesy of a great beard from, Cheeky Ink.  I’m looking pretty rough in my Ara Beard.  This studly black beard was designed specifically for Catwa heads (lucky me!) and uses an Omega applier for 4 different versions with and without moles.  Get it at the Cheeky Ink store now!

I’m also wearing some stylish eyebrows from No Rush, which makes cool facial enhancements for men and women.  I’ve got the cool Bento Scratched Macho Eyebrows going, which I previously blogged HERE.

My arms are inked with the really nice and new Nord Tattoo from Carol G. Tattoo.  This tat is an exclusive for the Swank Event, which opened May 5.  The pack comes with appliers for Belleza, Omega, Signature, Slink and TMP; it can be worn in 4 different shades.  See the other cool stuff at the Carol G. Tattoo store and at Carol G. Tattoo on MP.

My cool necklace comes from Secrets.  I’m sporting the all-mesh John Deer Necklace, which was release a while back.  This awesome necklace is unrigged, resizable and comes with a HUD that controls 5 metals for the pendant and chain.  Get it now at the Secrets in-world store.

I’m wearing the great new Military Tee shirt from Millo Copperfield.  This nicely-detailed shirt comes in a pack that includes 4 colors: white, sand, carrot and blue, and all come in versions for Belleza and Signature.  Get it now at the Millo Copperfield store and at Millo Copperfield on MP.

Lastly, my cooler-than-cool pose comes from Baxe, which makes really nice poses for men and women.  I’m strutting in a pose from the Male Chic Pose Pack, which includes 10 great poses for all kinds of situations.  Get it and other great poses at the Baxe store and at Baxe on MP.

Beard – Cheeky Ink – Ara Beard
Eyebrows – No Rush – Bento Scratched Macho Eyebrows
Tattoo – Carol G. Tattoo – Nord Tattoo @ Swank Event
Necklace – Secrets – John Deer Necklace HUD controls 5 metals, resizer
Shirt – Millo Copperfield – Military Tee
Pose – Baxe – Male Chic Pose Pack

Photo taken at Storm’s Big Fancy House

Cheeky Ink logo



-SECRETS- New Logo Black_Gold

Logo Millo Copperfield


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