wake and bake

Legalize it
Don’t criticize it
Legalize it, yeah yeah
And I will advertise it

I’m enjoying the great outdoors and becoming one with nature in my 420 Hammock from Lush Poses.  This awesome hammock has 10 male bento poses (plus joints!) so you can chill and enjoy.  It’s available now at The Men Jail event.  After that, see everything at the Lush Poses store and at Lush Poses on MP.

My sweet jeans are from one of my latest sponsors, Millo Copperfield, which makes great clothing for men.  I’m chillaxing in my comfy Basic Lime Jeans, which come in regular and slim-cuff versions for Belleza, Signature and Slink.  There are 8 other great colors; go to the Millo Copperfield store and Millo Copperfield on MP to see it all.

I’m wearing the awesome Inri Male Tattoo from my newest sponsor, Carol G. Tattoo. They make amazingly detailed body art for both men and women, so you’ll see a lot more on my blog.  This tat – an exclusive at the Swank Event – comes with appliers for Belleza, Omega, Signature, Slink and TMP.  See all the other great stuff at the Carol G. Tattoo store and at Carol G. Tattoo on MP.

My bloodshot eyes are hidden behind my sweet shades from Secrets.  I’m keeping the bad vibes out with my Vintage Sunglasses, which I’ve blogged before HERE.  Get everything at the Secrets store.

Sponsored Items:
Hammock – Lush Poses – 420 Hammock @ The Men Jail
Jeans – Millo Copperfield – Basic Lime Jeans
Tattoo – Carol G. Tattoo – Inri Male Tattoo @ Swank Event
Sunglasses – Secrets – Vintage Sunglasses

Photo taken at Free Fun Photography


Logo Millo Copperfield


-SECRETS- New Logo Black_Gold

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