You had me at Cthulhu!

You had me at chthuli
Can’t you just feel the tentacle-laden love?  As Lovefest 2017 continues to entertain and  and haunt its many visitors, I grabbed my dear friend Phen (not too hard, I hope!) and found a quiet place to chill and to ponder all the wonderful creepy things we saw and heard and experienced.  To cultivate those thoughts and to channel that Lovecraft spirit, we adorned our hideaway with furnishings that even H.P. himself might find comforting in the cool gloaming.

You had me at chthuli4
Once inside the amazing two-story Old Ones Temple from Dragon Magick Wares, Phen and I managed to find some dry wood for a much-needed fire.  The Cthulhu Fireplace from Simply Shelby provided the heat (and sounds) we needed to chase away the chills from walking those cold dark streets of Innsmouth.  And as we cycled through the poses of the comfy Deep Sea Dwelling Sofa by Love Everlasting PlantPets beneath the Stained Glass Lovecraft Squid in Frame by Lilith’s Den, we fell into a quiet trance; our minds wandered like the tentacles on The Artist Shed’s Cthulhu Sidetable…back to the disturbingly-fun events of the evening.

You had me at chthuli5
While you may find my decision to visit Innsmouth ill-advised, you can’t fault me for what I wore.  My outfit for the midnight venture comes from my very first sponsor, Emberotic’s Fashion Design.  I’m wearing the Aron Dress Shirt and Slacks (and shoes), which includes fitmesh versions for Signature, SLink and TMP and 5 sizes (plus alphas) for standard bodies.  It also includes a user-friendly texture changing HUD with 6 shirt colors and 4 slacks colors as well as black lace-up shoes in rigged and unrigged versions.  As with all of the Emberotic’s Fashion Design clothes, the beauty is in the details, and with so many color choices, you’ll find a combination that works for any occasion.  Everything’s available at the Emberotic’s Fashion Design in-world store and on its marketplace page – see the links below.

As the fire blazed and the shadows danced along the walls around us, Phen and I agreed we’d go back to the Lovecraft Festival at Innsmouth, despite our trepidation.  We looked around the room to admire all the other Lovecraft-inspired furniture and hoped we’d get out alive.

You had me at chthuli6
Building – Dragon Magick Wares – Old Ones Temple @ Lovefest 2017
Stained Glass (over sofa) – Lilith’s Den – Lovecraft Squid in Frame @ Lovefest 2017
Stained Glass (over chair) – Lilith’s Den – Lovecraft Elder Sign in Frame @ Lovefest 2017
Sofa – Love Everlasting PlantPets – Deep Sea Dwelling Sofa @ Lovefest 2017
Chair – Love Everlasting PlantPets – Deep Sea Dwelling Chair @ Lovefest 2017
Stones (on table) – Love Everlasting PlantPets – Gemstone Geodes @ Lovefest 2017
Fireplace – Simply Shelby – Cthulhu Fireplace-on/off flame w sound @ Lovefest 2017
Sidetable – The Artist Shed – Cthulhu Sidetable – FREE @ Mysteries of the Deep Hunt Gift

My Outfit – Emberotic’s Fashion Design – Aron Dress Shirt and Slacks – MP Marketplace

LoveFest Poster 2017

Emberotic's Fashion Design-Logo-


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