what you crave

Pose:  Shadow's Poses "Seul" static female bento pose available @ Shadow's Poses on MP Outfit:  Moeko "Lilly Antique Corset" in many colors (latex version, too) for Maitreya bodies available @ XXX Original Event Pasties:  Drunken Brokkr "Lysta Nipple Tassels" in 4 colors with unrigged and rigged versions for Belleza and Maitreya bodies available @ Drunken... Continue Reading →

tow away zone

Outfit:  Ghee "Delilah" with HUD for bikini top and bottom, fishnet dress, bento gloves, choker and platform shoes for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink bodies exclusively available @ The Darkness Eyes:  Demicorn “Duo Eyes” gacha available available @ Gacha Garden, a Gimme Gacha Production Car:  Optmus Race “Gran Tourismo”  with poses for driving and idling, sounds,... Continue Reading →

sinner’s delight

Thong's Outfit:  L'Emporio & PL "Badessa" with corset, bra, panties, boots, garters, sleeves, band-aid pasties, bolero, face veil, crucifix and hat for Maitreya and Slink bodies available @ oXXXcuro Event Thong's Nails:  L'Emporio & PL "Scripta Manent" for women and men with HUD in versions for Aesthetic, Belleza, classic, Maitreya and Signature hands available @... Continue Reading →

nowhere good

Zani's Outfit:  Brii Underground Wear "Mabry" includes corset, panties, armbands, boots for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink bodies, plus bracelets, earrings and necklace available @ The Darkness Zani's Pose:  Midnyte Creations "My Sweet Corvette" pose set with prop car, HUD, single, couple and adult poses available @ TWE12VE Event Zani's Hair:  Truth Hair “Sugar” My Vest... Continue Reading →

floating in you

Rafts:  Kawai Couture "Deco Biscuit Raft" with single and couple animations and "Deco Biscuit Single Float" both available @ Redeux My Swimsuit:  FashionNatic “Jose Swimsuit” with HUD in versions for Belleza, Signature and Slink bodies available @ FashionNatic store My Beard:  Mister Razzor “Marcos” black and tintable Catwa and Omega appliers available @ Mister Razzor... Continue Reading →


Backdrop:  Joplino "Backdrop BDSM" available @ XXX Original Event Nic's Outfit:  Brii Underground Wear "Miyoko" includes bodysuit, boots, collar and omega applier and whip (not shown) available @ XXX Original Event Nic's Pose:  Kokoro Poses "Krysten" 6 poses and mirrors plus handcuffs available @ oXXXcuro Event Nic's Hair:  Truth Hair "Caralisa" My Underwear:  LV Designs "Piper... Continue Reading →


Pose:  Serendipity Poses "nora" pose pack with 5 bento poses and mirrors now available @ Redeux Choker:  Supernatural "Scarlett Choker" with HUD in gold and silver available @ Redeux Dress & Garters:  Eternus "Lexy" gacha available @ Gacha Garden, a Gimme Gacha Production Rings & Nails:  Slavia "Alisa Collection" with HUD for Maitreya hands only... Continue Reading →

the comfort of strangers

Thong's Outfit:  Hot Elegant Clothing (HEC) "Emma WetAware tintable BORN STAR Monokini" with HUD and water effects for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and Tonic bodies exclusively available @ XXX Original Event Thong's Pose:  DoggMata Poses "Darkisis" pack includes 5 bento poses available @ The Darkness Thong's Choker:  Supernatural "Tara Gacha" available @ Gacha Garden, a Gimme... Continue Reading →

crowd pleaser

Thong's Bikini:  Beyond "Nahia" with HUD, top and thong for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink bodies available @ Beyond store Thong's Bracelets:  AvaWay "LOVE Bracelets & Rings Set" Thong's Collar:  Narcisse "Insouciant" Thong's Nails:  Ascendant "Seductress" Thong's Anklets and Toe Ring:  Apple May Designs "Barcelona" Thong's Hair:  Truth Hair "Fenella" My Swimsuit:  Allure Couture (a We... Continue Reading →

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