this dream i keep having

I had that dream again, Doc.  The one where I'm this deranged scientist - a madman, really.   I've trapped this beautiful woman in my filthy and scary operating room...she's bloody and bruised and listens as I describe the awful things I've got planned for her, most of which involve dismemberment and torture.  At first, she... Continue Reading →


after the party

After a long night of partying, even the tireless Phen (of Phenart blog) likes to take a few moments to herself to re-charge the batteries.  As she reflects on the evening...the music, the dancing, the lusty gazes of men and women alike...she lets the soothing sounds of the rushing water carry her to a place... Continue Reading →

taking over the asylum

'Tis the season for all things spooky and disturbing.  And what could be more spooky and disturbing than a close look inside a haunted insane asylum?  Our intrepid blogger just couldn't resist grabbing a convincing costume and immersing himself in the strange and discomforting world of the local inmates.  Luckily, my guy blended right in... Continue Reading →

grabbing the moment

One of the great things about blogging is getting access to fun and new products.  Take a look at my list of sponsors, and you'll see that I'm bestowed with wonderful new things like clothes, tattoos, skins and poses.  Another great thing about blogging is that there's a constant need for new photos, many of... Continue Reading →


You see it in profiles everywhere, that lofty and exclusive term..."voice-verified".  People wear it like a badge of honor, like there's some achievement or doctor-recommended thing for the sounds that come from your vocal cords.  I've never been much of a voice person in SL, so I probably shouldn't be too cynical.  But for those... Continue Reading →


October brings a chill in the air, the smell of dried leaves, the sweetness of good apple cider and - of course - Halloween.  This tribute to my favorite month features a couple of fun items at some of SL's best events, so let's jump right into the macabre. I'm wearing the Lord Death Skin... Continue Reading →

party of one

Spending time with yourself is a good thing.  It lets you think and decompress, it lets you focus on the things that come to YOUR mind.  While I love my friends in SL, I really do enjoy spending some quiet time on my own.  As Woody Allen once said, "it's the only way I can... Continue Reading →

the games we play

Board games, video games, head games.  Since the beginning of time, we've come up with lots of ways to take our minds off the work and drudgery of everyday life so that we can focus on having fun.  Sometimes, though, the best fun happens when you get back to basics.  Pool, for instance...billiards.  The warm... Continue Reading →

Louisiana Rain

Louisiana rain is falling just like tears Running down my face, washing out the years Louisiana rain is soaking through my shoes I may never be the same when I reach Baton Rouge Well I never will get over this English refugee Singing to the jukebox in some all-night beanery Yeah he was eating pills... Continue Reading →

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