Today's post features some a couple of amazing items from my newest sponsor, IMMODEST.  I'm wearing the crazy-cool "The Kennedys" helmet and tattoo to ward off and intimidate unwanted creatures.  The awesome helmet features animated eyes and can be partially recolored via a texture menu.  It also comes with a resizer to get the perfect... Continue Reading →


paint it black

I see your red door, and I want it painted black No colors anymore, I want them to turn black I see the girls go by dressed in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes Huge thanks to the talented and sexy Phen (of Phenart blog) for lending me... Continue Reading →

house of the unholy

Today's post features my gorgeous friend, Gem, who kindly agreed to pose for this rush-job blog.  It's fitting, too, since it's hard not to stare whenever she's around.  It was a pleasure to (finally) work with her, so I hope you'll enjoy! The setting for this scene comes from my great sponsor, unKindness, which makes... Continue Reading →

bit-level intrusion

My cyber-inspired tattoo comes from Normandy Store, one of the great designers participating in this month's The Darkness Chamber Fair (TDC Fair) event, which runs from January 20 - February 10.  The super-cool Wetware Tattoo covers the entire body and face, using Omega appliers (tattoo layers for system bodies).  This tattoo and the other items... Continue Reading →

nothin’ but a woman

You can buy me a house, turn over the deed Bring six pounds of California weed But my weakness ain't drugs, whiskey, or greed Only one thing that young Fitz needs It ain't nothin' but a woman Nothin' but a woman Yeah, you right Ain't nothin' but a woman to get me through the night... Continue Reading →

permanent press

Today's post proves that - with the right company - even domestic chores can be fun and sexy.  That's where my sexy friend Katie lends a hand (and a few other body parts).  We're enjoying each other in a pose from one of my newest sponsors, Crystal Poses, which makes a wide range of really... Continue Reading →

cold warrior

Today's post features some great stuff from my newest sponsor, Mkbcult Weapons, which makes all kinds of incredible swords and weapons.  I'm all menacing with my Devil's Agony Katana swords (created by IESU Mesh Weapons), which feature highly detailed mesh & textures and low lag weapon arc.  The swords are fully combat-ready, resizable and contain... Continue Reading →

unsafe at any speed

Today's post features an outfit from AnaSTyle, one of the awesome designers participating in this month's The Point Event.  The gorgeous Souz is looking extra delicious in the Martika outfit, which is an exclusive for this event.  It comes with an amazingly-sexy crop corset, micro shorts, harness, shoes and fingerless gloves for Belleza, Maitreya and... Continue Reading →

mayor for life

I'm wearing a new skin and shape from my awesome sponsor, Birth.  My rugged looks come from the Cavill Catwa Fatpack (&Body Appliers) set that was released for Men Only Monthly in December.  The pack comes with Catwa appliers in 10 tones, plus Signature appliers for body hair, nails and the same 10 skin tones. ... Continue Reading →

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