poolside distractions

A day at the beach is great.  A day at the beach with Zani is GREAT.  And when she's wearing an outrageously sexy bikini from Lush, things get even better!  I can't help but stare at the gasp-worthy Crochet Bikini, which comes in 10 great colors for mesh bodies.  It's available at the Lush store... Continue Reading →



Today’s post features another gasp-worthy outfit from AnaSTyle.  Zani’s rocking hard in her new Julia outfit, an exclusive at The Darkness event.  This super sexy outfit includes the top & harness, mini skirt and pointed high boots for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.  See all the great things at the AnaSTyle store and at AnaSTyle on... Continue Reading →

a thousand ships

That face...that *gasp* body.  They conjure up images of epic battles and colossal wreckage on rocky shores.  Helen of Troy?  The Sirens' song?  Nope.  It's my new friend, Thong.  Gotta love it when random encounters blossom into a jaw-dropping photo session.  Hope you enjoy her as much as I did. Today's post features some poses... Continue Reading →


[frey-gruh nt] adjective 1.  having a pleasant scent or aroma; sweet-smelling; sweet-scented: 2.  delightful; pleasant Today's post features an outfit from  LUXE Paris, one of the great designers in the We Love To Blog family.  Souz is living up to the aptly-named Provocative Robe & Panty outfit, which comes in versions for Belleza, Eve, fitted... Continue Reading →

you’re in MY dream now

Today's post features a bunch of stuff...big thanks to my friend Storm for the scene, the cheese and the chat.  My quienes-mas-macho looks come courtesy of a great beard from, Cheeky Ink.  I'm looking pretty rough in my Ara Beard.  This studly black beard was designed specifically for Catwa heads (lucky me!) and uses an... Continue Reading →

catch a star

Caress is scorching hot in her new dress from LUXE Paris, one of the great designers in the We Love To Blog family.  The gorgeous two-piece Grace Dress is super stylish, really nicely-detailed and comes in versions for Fox, Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Slink, Venus and Werewolf.   Get it at the LUXE Paris store and... Continue Reading →

systematic breakdown

My tat comes from Cheeky Ink.  I’m wearing the new and really cool Protection tattoo, available at the Crazy Fashion Event event, starting May 8.  The upper body pack comes with a Omega appliers for fresh, normal and faded versions.  See all the other great stuff at the new Cheeky Ink store. My manly looks... Continue Reading →

breathe deep

I’m having an out-of-body experience with Souz as we contort ourselves into nirvana.  And I'm doing it in a great new outfit from Kaju.  The 100% original mesh Blossom Breeze Outfit is designed specifically for Signature bodies.  It comes with the awesome red sweater and blue patterned joggers - great stuff!  Get it and everything else... Continue Reading →

dissonant reveries

Today's post features some some great makeup from Alma Makeup, which creates lots of really nice enhancements for both men and women.  I’m wearing the awesome Leather face tattoo, which comes in versions for Catwa and Lelutka male heads and an Omega applier in 6 different colors.  It’s an exclusive at The Men Jail event,... Continue Reading →

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